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About LongThai

Excellence through Continuous Improvement

LongThai Steel was established in June 1976. At the beginning of its establishment, there were only four members and a factory land of 125 square meters. Over the past 40 years, LongThai continued to drive for excellence through innovations. Now with a professional and experienced team, LongThai has established a process of strict quality assurance and is one of the key industry leaders.

With the competition intensify over the years, LongThai differentiated itself by replacing existing equipments with the latest cutting edge performance equipments, optimising its workflow and together with its 40 year experience to deliver the best products for its customers.

LongThai continue to look for ways to improve. LongThai look forward to contribute and create yet another peak for the Taiwan’s steel industry!

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LongThai’s Strength
High Performance Equipments

LongThai Steel has been investing in constant innovation, and continues to invest in high-performance equipment to provide customers with the best fabrication service!

ISO Certification

LongThai has both ISO9001 and ISO14001 certifications. In addition to its precise cutting, bending, and welding capability, it can handle a large volume orders while maintaining high-quality output and fast delivery.

Customized Service

LongThai is one of the few metal fabricators that can provide one-stop fabrication services. LongThai integrates various processes seamlessly and deliver high quality products!

LongThai’s Core Value


Take priority to the four key principles of “Excellent Quality, Perfect Service, Prompt Delivery, and Competitive Advantage” and keep improving!


Constantly innovation to create products with “high added-value” and “market competitiveness”. Assisting our customers to achieve their goals, create a win-win situation and continue to grow together!


Integrity is the foundation of LongThai Steel’s success. LongThai’s success is derived from the society and it looks forward to be able to contribute back to the society.

LongThai’s Business Partners
Hetai Precision
Hetai Precision

Hetai Precision is co-located with LongThai Steel and is a close partner of Longthai Steel, specializing in
precision welding, assembly and tapping services.

Tailian Steel
Tailian Steel

Tailian Steel is a subsidiary of Longthai in Thailand, specializing in serving the steel fabrication needs of local customers and Taiwan’s SMEs in Thailand.

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40 years of fabrication experience dedicated in serving our customers

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