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Public Art

Precise cutting and high quality output

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Most large-scale public artworks use steel as their main structure, which needs to go through multiple layers of fabrication processes such as laser cutting, twisting, welding and polishing etc. In addition to create the public art from their design drawing, it is critical to ensure the robustness of their structures and therefore the safety of the exhibition. LongThai provides a one-stop fabrication service from raw materials to finished products while ensuring perfect integration of different components. If you have any large-scale public artwork fabrication needs, please contact LongThai!

White Egret

Located in Fugang, Taoyuan, the height of the body is 8.5 meters. It is welded by steel pipes. Every joint is welded carefully without bumps, ensuring the details and the quality of the finished product.

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Messenger of the Wind

This work is a green energy installation art. It is made of welded aluminum plates. The height of the main body is 11.8 meters, it requires special know-how to eliminate plate stress and control deformation during the fabrication processing.

Fruit of the Sun

This work is composed of 386 solar panels (50-watt). The sturdy semi-circular load-bearing structure shows LongThai’s high quality in cutting, welding and other fabrication craftsmanship.

Fruit of the Sun
LongThai’s Strengh

High Tech Equipment

LongThai Steel has been investing in constant innovation, and continues to invest in high-performance equipment to provide customers with the best fabrication service!

ISO Certified

LongThai has both ISO9001 and ISO14001 certifications. In addition to its precise cutting, bending, and welding capability, it can handle a large volume orders while maintaining high-quality output and fast delivery.

Customized Service

LongThai is one of the few metal fabricators that can provide one-stop fabrication services. LongThai integrates various processes seamlessly and deliver high quality products!

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40 years of fabrication experience dedicated in serving our customers

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